• What is Cognitive Stimulation?

    Cognitive Stimulation is the engagement in activities to exercise the 5 key areas of cognition with novel and complex content, aimed at the enhancement of cognitive functioning and social skills. This evidence-based intervention supports what research tells us about the brain’s ability to build resilience and create new neuron pathways.

  • Who uses Fit Minds?

    Fit Minds is for everyone. Just like we take time to exercise our bodies, we need to take time to exercise our brains. It’s the old saying, you “use it or lose it”. Senior living communities across the country utilize our programming to engage their residents. Mental stimulation is associated with better cognitive function and reduced risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Senior living professionals benefit from turnkey lesson plans with interesting content that enables them to mentally engage residents and have fun.

  • What happens in a group session?

    Each session starts with a language warm-up and calendar orientation, followed by unique content that covers computation, visual/spatial, critical thinking/memory, and language. Fit Minds’ lesson plans exercise five key areas of cognition with unique and novel content that is interesting and relevant to seniors.